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Time (UK Local) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
00:00-12:00 Truckers shift (Auto DJ and random replays)
12:00-13:00 Club Classics Club Classics Club Classics Sooz Grooves
Club Classics    
13:00-14:00         Sooz Grooves
Sooz (Rewind)
14:00-15:00 Daily Disco Daily Disco Daily Disco Daily Disco Daily Disco Scotty on the rewind
Scotty Travers
15:00-16:00 West Coast Selection
Curated by S.W.
West Coast Selection
Curated by S.W.
West Coast Selection
Curated by S.W.
West Coast Selection
Curated by S.W.
West Coast Selection
Curated by S.W.
Soul Searching
Lazy Sundays
Mac Arvid
16:00-17:00 80's Guilty Pleasures 80's Guilty Pleasures 80's Guilty Pleasures 80's Guilty Pleasures 80's Guilty Pleasures
17:00-18:00         The Soul Explosion
Sould Out Sessions
Gino D
Out of the box
Tessa Nash
18:00-19:00 The Revival
Reeves & Pete
  Deepinside Scott Walker's Lockdown
While he's locked down !
19:00-20:00 Earthbound Sounds Show
Dave Fennell
House of Llama
Steve Palmer
Ideal House
Urban Night Grooves
Stigwood Sessions
20:00-21:00 Scott Walker
(after the lockdown)
Scotty Travers Show
Scotty Travers
Big Beat Manefesto
Jordan Trove
21:00-22:00 Jay's Alternator
Jay Funk (Fortnightly)
Global House Session
Steve Watts
House Therapy
Dr. Rob
Funky Friday
Rob & Nicky Hayes
Hidden Affairs
Chris Marina
22:00-23:00 Selection to Dance
Ivan Rivero
Club Classics Essential Mix
Maurizio d'Adduzio
Club Classics
23:00-00:00 Club Classics Club Classics Changing Faces

Unique Sessions Radio began life as a fork in the road from Housebeat Radio. The station was inspired by established radio shows, notably The Global House Session with Steve ‘Soulmafia’ Watts and Niall Rednond’s ‘Digital Groove’ and to some extent, Grant Nelson’s ‘Housecall’. The whole idea came about through Rob Hayes and Joey Snow together with JC Unique. Shows were broadcast on Rob’s test server in order to keep the party going after other popular shows.

Steadily, as is only natural with artistic types, ideas of what we wanted to achieve went in different directions and JC broke away to see what could be achieved without a high level of streaming expertise. The result is this station, with a focus on, where possible, live broadcasters playing the finest of all genres of house music such as Soulful House, Jackin’ House, Deep House, Tech House, Nu Disco, Funky House, Classic House, UK garage, Uptempo Soul, Funk, Techno, Trance and almost any flavour in between.

The station is mostly funded by generous donations from listeners and DJ’s alike.

You’ll frequently find original artists, DJ’s and producers participating in the chat with many of the shows reaching regular top 10 status on social music platforms such as Mixcloud.

DJ’s on the station include: Steve Soulmafia Watts, Jordan Trove, Scott Walker, James Lee, Mike Granacki, Vicky Ramirez, Dr. Rob, Sjoerd Wijdoogen, Sooz, PeterMac, Mac Arvid, Reeves Watson, Del Sanderson, Dave Fennel, Scott Walker, Ivan Rivero, Gino Delaroche, Chris Marina, Scotty Travers, Peter Johnston, Tim Nash, Jay Funk, James Lee, Jimmy Billz, with the list growing weekly.